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 FS 479.015  Legislative intent with respect to regulation of signs in areas adjacent to state highways.--

The control of signs in areas adjacent to the highways of this state is declared to be necessary to protect

the public investment in the state highways; to attract visitors to this state by conserving the natural beauty

of the state; to preserve and promote the recreational value of public travel; to assure that information

in the specific interest of the traveling public is presented safely and aesthetically; to enhance the economic well-being

of the state by promoting tourist-oriented businesses, such as public accommodations, vehicle services, attractions,

campgrounds, parks, and recreational areas; and to promote points of scenic, historic, cultural, and educational interest.



Listen to Commissioner Burt Aaronson’s comments regarding illegal signs in the right-of-way 

at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on September 14, 2004   CLICK HERE


Addie Greene Hates snipe signs too


Commissioner Addie Greene's  comments regarding illegal signs

at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 6, 2006  




Snipe Signs

Snipe signs are a typical classification of prohibited signs. 

They are variously defined in sign ordinances throughout the state. 

The definitions listed below are representative.  

Snipe sign.     Any sign of any size, made of any material, including paper,
cardboard, wood and metal, when such sign is tacked, nailed, posted, pasted,
glued, or otherwise attached to trees, poles, fences or other objects, and the
advertising matter appearing thereon is not applicable to the premises upon which 

said sign is located.  [Section 24-6, Town of Lake Park Ordinance Code.]




Palm Beach County Land Development Code.

The following prohibitions apply to all signs and structures

All off-site signs, tacked, nailed, posted, pasted, glued, or otherwise attached

to trees, poles, stakes, fences, trailers, or other supporting structures, except

where otherwise stated for in this Article.



Snipe signs in bloom in Palm Beach County.....





And then you have the illegal use of right of way.....



337.406  Unlawful use of state transportation facility right-of-way; penalties.--

(1)  Except when leased as provided in s. 337.25(5) or otherwise authorized by the rules of the department,

it is unlawful to make any use of the right-of-way of any state transportation facility,

including appendages thereto, outside of an incorporated municipality in any manner that interferes

with the safe and efficient movement of people and property from place to place on the transportation facility.

Failure to prohibit the use of right-of-way in this manner will endanger the health, safety, and general welfare

of the public by causing distractions to motorists, unsafe pedestrian movement within travel lanes, sudden stoppage

or slowdown of traffic, rapid lane changing and other dangerous traffic movement, increased vehicular accidents,

 and motorist injuries and fatalities.


Such prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, the free distribution or sale, or display or solicitation

for free distribution or sale, of any merchandise, goods, property or services; the solicitation for charitable

 purposes; the servicing or repairing of any vehicle, except the rendering of emergency service; the storage of vehicles

 being serviced or repaired on abutting property or elsewhere; and the display of advertising of any sort,

except that any portion of a state transportation facility may be used for an art festival, parade, fair, or other

special event if permitted by the appropriate local governmental entity.

Local government entities may issue permits of limited duration for the temporary use of the right-of-way

of a state transportation facility for any of these prohibited uses if it is determined that the use will not interfere

with the safe and efficient movement of traffic and the use will cause no danger to the public.

The permitting authority granted in this subsection shall be exercised by the municipality within incorporated

municipalities and by the county outside an incorporated municipality. Before a road on the State Highway System

may be temporarily closed for a special event, the local governmental entity which permits the special event to take

place must determine that the temporary closure of the road is necessary and must obtain the prior written approval

for the temporary road closure from the department. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize such

activities on any limited access highway. Local governmental entities may, within their respective jurisdictions,

initiate enforcement action by the appropriate code enforcement authority or law enforcement authority for a violation

of this section.

(2)  Persons holding valid peddlers' licenses issued by appropriate governmental entities may make sales from vehicles

standing on the right-of-way to occupants of abutting property only.

(3)  The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and other law enforcement agencies are authorized

and directed to enforce this statute.

(4)  The violation of any provision of this section or any rule promulgated by the department pursuant to this section

constitutes a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083,

and each day a violation continues to exist constitutes a separate offense. History.--s. 1, ch. 73-188; s. 1, ch. 79-30; s. 206, ch. 81-259; s. 168, ch. 84-309; s. 3, ch. 86-37; s. 3, ch. 87-266; s. 25, ch. 88-168; s. 9, ch. 90-227; s. 43, ch. 95-257; s. 10, ch. 2005-281.

Note.--Former s. 339.301.


Let's not forget the thousands of illegally placed Political Signs..



Political signs are NOT exempt from most laws that apply to other illegally placed signs.

Election Laws are also violated when Political Signs are illegally placed in the right of way.



102.091 Duty of sheriff to watch for violations; appointment of special officers. --The sheriff

shall exercise strict vigilance in the detection of any violations of the election laws and in

apprehending the violators. The Governor may appoint special officers to investigate alleged

violations of the election laws, when it is deemed necessary to see that violators of the election

laws are apprehended and punished.

History.--s. 6, ch. 26870, 1951; s. 3, ch. 65-129.




106.1435 Usage and removal of political campaign advertisements. --

(1) Each candidate, whether for a federal, state, county, or district office, shall make a good faith

effort to remove all of his or her political campaign advertisements within 30 days after:

(a) Withdrawal of his or her candidacy;

(b) Having been eliminated as a candidate; or

(c) Being elected to office.

However, a candidate is not expected to remove those political campaign advertisements which

are in the form of signs used by an outdoor advertising business as provided in chapter 479. The

provisions herein do not apply to political campaign advertisements placed on motor vehicles or

to campaign messages designed to be worn by persons.

(2) If political campaign advertisements are not removed within the specified period, the political

subdivision or governmental entity has the authority to remove such advertisements and may

charge the candidate the actual cost for such removal. Funds collected for removing such

advertisements shall be deposited to the general revenue of the political subdivision.


(3) Pursuant to chapter 479, no political campaign advertisements shall be erected,

posted, painted, tacked, nailed, or otherwise displayed, placed, or located on or above any

state or county road right-of-way.


(4) The officer before whom a candidate qualifies for office shall notify the candidate, in writing,

of the provisions in this section.

(5) This provision does not preclude municipalities from imposing additional or more stringent

requirements on the usage and removal of political campaign advertisements.

History.--s. 1, ch. 84-221; s. 20, ch. 84-302; s. 14, ch. 87-224; s. 647, ch. 95-147.



WPBF Sign Saga   August 15, 2006



Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty made it VERY CLEAR what Palm Beach County's 

          policy is in regards to illegally placed Campaign signs in the right-of-ways and on public property.


Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners Meeting September 12, 2006










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